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Gilded Nature   
Spring 2020

Garden Party GPT-464 Gun Metal

IMG_3325 (2).jpg

Python PTH-361 Warm Silver& Aged Bronze


This new collection is my first foray into pattern design for 2020.



Garden Party

I felt a sense of freedom, especially with Garden Party. My hand drawn design came from a sense of naivety in art and design that doesn't take itself too seriously.
































I wanted to venture into the "skin" effects but not in a generic way.

My idea was to give the effect of undulating movement, as if the walls were breathing.






























The Wilds

I always gravitate to the natural elements. Here I went to the textures of tree bark.  With that in mind, I needed to transform this concept into an abstraction of form. 


wld 562 Aged Bronze.jpg
wld 561 pearl.jpg
wld 563 warm silver clip.jpg
wld - 564 gun metal clip.jpg
WTD-561 Pearlessence
WTD-562 Aged Bronze
pth 361 pearl.jpg
pth 362 aged bronze clip.jpg
pth - 363 wrm silver clip.jpg
pth 364 gun metal clip.jpg
PTH-363 Warm Silver
PTH-364 Gun Metal
PTH-361 Pearlessence
PTH-362 Aged Bronze
gpt 461 pearl clip.jpg
gpt 462 gun metal clip.jpg
gpt 463 warm silver clip.jpg
gpt 464 gun metal clip.jpg
GPT-463 Warm Silver
GPT-464 Gun Metal
GPT-461 Pearlessence
GPT-462 Aged Bronze

The Wilds WLD-562 Warm Silver

WTD-563 Warm Silver
WTD-564 Gun Metal 
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